88 Medway Drive is a house that was owned by Ang Chee Kok and the structure is 3-stories. There are several people in the family: Ang Chee Kok, Florence Ng, Joseph Ang and Sara Ang. It was built in 1989. It had their standard rooms but the Wong Wing Pong's room, after he had been married in 2001; had converted to computer room until 2009 and was changed to storage room from 2009 to 2013.

AEI (Asset Enhancement Initative) of Ang Chee Kok's house was started in 2003 and had ended in 2013. It had kept the only structure which separates the living room. It is also home to the LEGOLAND (The Lego Space), which was built on the western side which is like Hudson Bay.

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