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Bayfront Avenue (Chinese: 贝弗兰道) is a road in Singapore running along the southern side of Marina Bay. Starting at Marina Boulevard in the west the road is passing Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. The road then passes the Bayfront Bridge at the south while continuing towards Raffles Avenue. Bayfront Avenue opened to traffic on April 25, 2010 at 3 pm.[1][2]

Bayfront BridgeEdit

The Bayfront Bridge (Chinese: 海湾桥) is a vehicular bridge part of the Bayfront Avenue which links the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort to Raffles Avenue at the junction with Temasek Avenue, next to the Singapore Flyer.

Its simple design blends in with the existing Benjamin Sheares Bridge to form a backdrop to The Helix Bridge.

This new road will provide a direct connection between Temasek Avenue and Central Boulevard as well as Marina Boulevard. The opening of this new road network will provide road access to the upcoming developments in the Marina Bay area, such as the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (MBSIR), Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC).


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