Bedok Town Park is a community park located at Bedok North Ave 3 in Singapore. It is bounded by Bedok North Road, Bedok North Avenue 3 and the Pan Island Expressway.

Visitor InfoEdit

Screening off Bedok Estate from the Pan Island Expressway is Bedok Town Park. 14.6 ha in size, the park is built on an undulating terrain with high mounds. The flat and linear cycling and jogging tracks and the fitness equipment are popular with local residents. Visitors can also choose to enjoy a foot massage at the foot reflexology path after a long, tiring day. Fruit trees such as mango trees are noticeable in the park and family gatherings such as having a picnic, can be conducted under these trees. You can also enjoy other activities including inline skating and taiqi in the park..

Getting thereEdit

You can take Services 60, 23, 87, 518 and NR8 to Bedok North Road (NR = Night Rider);

Services 18, 28, 66, 66A, 67, 69, 69A, 168, 228 and 506 to Bedok North Ave 3;

Services 21, 22, 65, 66, 228 and 506 to Bedok Reservoir Road;

and Service 225 to Bedok North St 3

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