Opened in 1981,[1] the Benjamin Sheares Bridge (Chinese: 薛尔思桥, Pinyin: Xūeěrsī Qíao; Template:Lang-ms) is the longest bridge in Singapore, spanning 1.8 km, and the tallest, at 20 m. It is named after Dr Benjamin Henry Sheares, the 2nd president of the Republic. The bridge was once part of the East Coast Parkway, but it is currently downgraded to an arterial road, Sheares Avenue. The cost of construction was S$177 million.

Built over reclaimed land by construction company Sato Kogyo, the bridge is made of pre-stressed concrete and links East Coast Parkway on the east coast to Marina Bay on the west coast.

Benjamin Sheares Bridge is the setting for the annual Sheares Bridge Run.

It is also pictured on the rear panel of the Ship Series S$50 banknote.[2]


References Edit

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