The Alstom Metropolis C830 trains are the second generation of communication-based train control (CBTC) rolling stock to be used in Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines. Alstom was contracted in 2000 (as part of turnkey contract Contract C830) by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore to supply the trains for the Circle Line.


Despite being similar to the fully underground North East Line, the decision was made to power the three-car trains along the Circle Line by third rail instead of overhead catenary. 40 trainsets of three cars each were purchased for the Circle Line. LTA says that they will be adding 24 new trains to the Circle Line by 2015.[1]

These cars, although similar to their counterparts running on the North East Line, do not feature LCD in each car. Also, the front of the train features an extra window cut into the emergency exit door, something lacking in the C751A trains. In addition, due to its driverless configuration, there are windows at the front and back of the train, giving passengers a view of the tunnel as the train speeds through.

Safety systemsEdit

The automated system version, previously known as “moving block systems”, CBTC systems do not require traditional "fixed-block track circuits" for determining train position. Instead, they rely on "continuous two-way digital communication" between each controlled train and a wayside control center, which may control an area of a railroad line, a complete line, or a group of lines. Recent studies consistently show that CBTC systems reduce life-cycle costs for the overall rail property and enhance operational flexibility and control.[2]

Additional featuresEdit

Car 8042 has extra grabpoles installed as an effort by LTA to encourage more commuters to move towards the center of the car.

Serial numberEdit

Individual cars are given a four-digit serial number by the rail operator, SMRT Trains.

  • The first digit of a car's serial number is always an eight.
  • The other three digits is the train identification number. A full length train of three cars will have three different consecutive serial numbers. The second and third digits are used to identify the train, while the last digit denotes the carriage of each train. In a full length train, the numbers will end with 1, 2 and 3.

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