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Causeway Point (Chinese: 长堤坊), is the seventh largest suburban shopping mall in Singapore, located in the town centre of Woodlands, a town in the north of Singapore. Located beside the Woodlands MRT station and the underground Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange, it has 250 retail outlets spread over seven floors and two basement levels.

Among all the shopping malls in Singapore, this one is the closest to Malaysia.


Causeway Point was completed in November 1998 as the first major shopping mall to open in Woodlands. Back then, it had a 10 screen cineplex operated by Studio Cinemas (which was reduced to 7 screens) which was replaced by Cathay Cineplexes in 2001 took over as the former went bust and merged the former Woodlands Shaw Theatres, John Little and Metro department stores, a Cold Storage supermarket, a Courts store and more than 250 specialty shops.

In late 2010, Causeway Point underwent a $72 million facelift lasting 30 months. These renovation works were aimed to increase net property income by 22 per cent to $51.5 million.. During these renovation works, it added a dry playground on the 2nd floor and a wet playground on the 7th floor. The main food court was relocated from the 5th floor to the 4th floor as part of its tenant remixing works. John Little vacated the mall shortly before renovation works commenced and was replaced by newer stores.



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