Chin Swee Tunnel (Chinese: 振瑞遂道; Malay: Terowong Chin Swee) is one of the two tunnels of the Central Expressway. It is located in the central part of Singapore, and starts after the exit 1B of Outram Road and Chin Swee Road in between Chin Swee Road, after the Outram Flyover. The tunnel passes through the junction of Chin Swee Road, Havelock Road, Upper Cross Street and Clemenceau Avenue, and later the junction of Clemenceau Avenue and Merchant Road. The tunnel later crosses the Singapore River and travels underneath Clemenceau Avenue, crossing River Valley Road. The tunnel then ends when it becomes a ground level expressway at the Buyong Road and Orchard Road exit. The tunnel passes through the site of the now demolished National Theatre building at River Valley Road.

The tunnel can be entered through Chin Swee Road after the junction of Outram Road and the former. On the road southbound to Outram Road and Singapore General Hospital, there is an exit coming out from the tunnel. The tunnel is slightly below ground level and is partially covered at first when entering the tunnel, it later becomes fully underground before the junction of Chin Swee Road, Clemenceau Avenue, Upper Cross Street and Havelock Road. From Upper Cross Street, before leaving the Central Business District, there is an entrance to the tunnel northbound to Seletar Expressway. On Havelock Road, there is an exit from the direction towards the south, where there is an ERP gantry before going on the main road. There are two exits (from AYE), one is to Clemenceau Avenue before the Clemenceau Bridge and another to Merchant Road. There is an ERP gantry at the exit of the latter before merging with Merchant Road. There is an exit from Merchant Road leading to the tunnel southbound to Ayer Rajah Expressway as well. The tunnel continues all the way until becoming ground level at the exit of Orchard Road and Buyong Road.[1]

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