Christopher de Souza (Chinese: 迪舒沙, Tamil: கிறிஸ்தபர் டி சூசா; born 21 January 1976) is a member of the Singapore Parliament and a practising litigation partner at the Singapore-based law firm Wong Partnership.[1][2]

He is a representative of the People's Action Party and a part of the team which won the 2011 general elections for the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC with a margin of 60.08% of the votes.[3] He is specifically in charge of Ulu Pandan ward where he has been the Parliamentary representative since 2006.[4]

He is currently serving on Government Parliamentary Committees on Manpower (as the Deputy Chairman), and Home Affairs and Law. In 2009, he was nominated as a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.[5]

Prior to his political career, he was active in the judiciary, first serving as a Justice's Law Clerk to then Chief Justice Yong Pung How, then as Deputy Public Prosecutor, followed by State Counsel, Magistrate, and finally Assistant Registrar at the High Court of Singapore. He graduated from his LLB Class at King's College London with First Class Honours and then pursued his post-graduate studies as a Shell Scholar at the University of Oxford where he graduated with Bachelor of Civil Law with distinction.[4] During mandatory military service in the Singapore Armed Forces, he was assigned to a combat squadron and was conferred the Sword of Honour.[6] He represented Singapore in hockey at various tournaments up to 2005.

Christopher is a Catholic Christian and is married.

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