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City Square Mall (Chinese: 城市广场) is Singapore’s first eco-mall to be integrated with a Template:Convert urban park named City Green. The mall sits on the site of Singapore's historic New World Amusement Park and is directly connected to NE8 Farrer Park. City Square Mall's construction started in September 2007. City Green is designed to provide a learning experience about ecology and the natural environment.[1]

City Square Mall is also the first mall in Singapore awarded the prestigious Green Mark Platinum Award by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Green featuresEdit

  • Real-Time Display of Indoor Environmental Performance
  • Eco-restrooms
  • Designated Parking Lots for Hybrid Cars
  • Twin Chute Pneumatic Refuse Collection & Disposal System separates dry and wet refuse for recycling purposes
  • Driveway motion sensor to control lighting level at B4 carpark - Estimated electricity savings of 51,300 kWh per year
  • Lifts, escalators and travellators designed with auto-lighting, ventilation fans and slow-down features
  • Use of pre-cooled air in air-conditioning system to reduce overall energy usage
  • Rain sensors for landscape irrigation
  • Recovery of Condensate Water from PAU for Recycling
  • VAV for Fan Coil System
  • Lighting zoning & alternate lighting circuits for common areas
  • Air Purging System integrated with smoke extraction system
  • Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Tower
  • UV for Kitchen Exhaust System
  • Sun shades at garden terrace
  • CO sensor for basement car park


Metro was closed down on 2015 and was replaced by Cotton On and Decathlon in 2015, who in turn serves as a replacement into Rubi Shoes for the affected outlet.


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