Dutchflyer is the name given in the UK to an integrated passenger service between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Formerly known as Amsterdam Express, Dutchflyer is a rail/sea/rail service operated jointly by Stena Line, and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways).[1] It is a cheaper, but much slower, way of travelling between Britain and the Netherlands compared with taking the Eurostar high-speed international train and changing trains at Brussels. For passengers starting in the Netherlands the service used to be called GoLondon. Nowadays it does not have a brand name and this service operates under the Dutch Stena line website. [2] This service is an outgrowth of such former named trains as the Hook Continental.


The Dutchflyer service lets passengers travel from any railway station serviced in the UK by Greater Anglia to Harwich International (formerly Parkeston Quay), cross the North Sea by Stena Line ferry, and continue, after arrival at Hoek van Holland Haven to any station in the Netherlands serviced by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The reverse service allows for the same, but when booked and travelling from the Netherlands: on the Dutch side from any Dutch station to Hoek van Holland Haven and on the UK side passengers may travel directly from Harwich International railway station to London Liverpool Street or other stations serviced by Greater Anglia. Trains to and from London and Template:Stnlink are timed to meet the ferry.

Train servicesEdit

After arriving in Hoek van Holland, passengers disembark right into the railway station from where there is frequent rail service to Rotterdam Central Station. From there passengers may choose to change trains to go anywhere in the Netherlands. An example is shown in this table for a connection by rail from Hoek van Holland to Rotterdam and then to The Hague or Amsterdam, or stations in between.

Operator Train Type Route Material Frequency
Greater Anglia Local train ManningtreeHarwich International Class 321/Class 360 1 per hour
Greater Anglia Boat train London Liverpool StreetHarwich International Class 321 4 per day
Greater Anglia Boat train IpswichHarwich International Class 170 2 per day
Stena Line Ship Harwich International harbour – Hoek van Holland harbour Stena Britannica, Stena Hollandica 2 per day
Nederlandse Spoorwegen Local train Hoek van Holland HavenRotterdam Centraal SLT 2 per hour
Nederlandse Spoorwegen Intercity Rotterdam CentraalAmsterdam Centraal VIRM 6 per hour


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  2. Dutch Stena Line website.

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