Heartland Mall (Chinese: 心邻坊) is a shopping mall in Singapore. A generally small shopping mall in area in comparison with other malls, it serves the neighbourhood of Kovan. It consists of four floors, with the fourth level serving only tuition centres. It is located at block 205 Hougang Street 21, just next to Kovan MRT station. The place where it is called Kovan City (Chinese: 高文城) which used to be the Hougang Town Centre, but the town centre was moved to Hougang Central when some neighbourhoods sprung up further north.


Notable shops in Heartland Mall includes Popular, Old Chang Kee, Prima Deli, KFC, Pizza Hut, Watson's and Sakae Sushi. The majority of the floor area on the first floor is occupied by Cold Storage, a local supermarket chain.[1]


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