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Hillgrove Secondary School (abbreviated by HGSS) is a government secondary school in Bukit Batok New Town, Singapore.[1][2]

School symbolsEdit


The school motto is "United We Soar".


The crest contains a grove consists of several tree trunks interlinking to signify the active interaction between Hillgrove teachers and students, and also the moral and spiritual support students draw from one another. The slope at base of the trunks indicates the hill in which the trees are firmly rooted. The trees share one foliage, which signifies the common goal and unity that educators and students alike share.

School BeliefsEdit

We believe that every child has potential and every child can learn. Character development is the key to future success.


Learn, Care and Make a Difference Although every Hillgrovian is unique in our abilities, talents and potential, all Hillgrovians are united by our beliefs in the importance of lifelong learning, in our desire and ability to care for others and to make a difference. Together, we will learn, grow and achieve our best and more.


To develop caring and contributing citizens by inculcating moral values; by nurturing open-mindedness, adaptability, resilience, self-motivation and enhancing skills and competencies to enable the Hillgrovian to meet challenges confidently.

Co-curricular ActivitiesEdit

In total, there are various CCAs in Hillgrove Secondary School.


  • Joyce Wang Jia Yin
  • Vanessa Athena Wan
  • Yongxin Otakuftw


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