IKEA is a Swedish company that is registered in Netherlands that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs, and desks), appliances, and home accessories. Some of them had their food, likewise Swedish meatballs, burberry jam, and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the usual boiled potatoes have been switched to french fries. In many locations, the IKEA restaurants open daily before the rest of the store and serve an inexpensive breakfast. In Canada, this breakfast includes eggs, sausage and hash browns and various add-ons like bacon and pancakes at additional costs. In the United States, the local variation serves scrambled eggs, bacon, country potatoes and choice of Swedish pancakes or French toast sticks. In the Netherlands, it consists of a croissant, a small bread roll, butter or margarine, jam, a slice of cheese, a boiled egg and coffee or tea. In Australia, it consists of hash brown, bacon, scrambled eggs, a sausage and tomato, with a vegetarian option with baked beans which omits the sausage and bacon. In Germany, this breakfast consists of two bread rolls, one slice of smoked salmon, one slice of cheese, one slice of salami, two portions of butter, one portion of jam, and coffee. IKEA Canada, for a limited time, served dim sum alongside its original breakfast menu. Refills of coffee, tea, and soft drinks are, as is traditional in Sweden, free of charge, even in countries where this is uncommon. In Austria, IKEA restaurants offer a free refill policy for soft drinks, a practice that is otherwise unknown in Austria.

IKEA is divided into dining room, kitchen, living room, computer room, children’s room, bedroom and bathroom, carpets and garden furniture. IKEA Family Card went live since 2011. IKEA has demolished the prison, and IKEA was refused planning permission for a future store in the United Kingdom in 2004 (to be based in Stockport, near Manchester) by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. It applied for judicial review but lost in 2005. However, they later received permission to build a store within the Manchester area a few miles from the originally planned site in Ashton-under-Lyne. An estimated £10,000 was spent on traffic policing, and even more on rerouting traffic from the M60 around Ashton.

IKEA has also expanded its product base to include flat-pack houses, in an effort to cut prices involved in a first-time buyer’s home.

In 2009, IKEA bought an area of land in Odessa on which to build a store. A year later IKEA cancelled the store, saying there was not a strong enough market. The economy minister of Ukraine stated that it should be opened to help fight the perception of corruption.

Founder Ingvar Kampad died on 27 January 2018.

List of countries with IKEA storesEdit

The following List of countries with IKEA stores is arranged by date of first store in each country.

Country Debut First store location[1] No. of stores Notes
Sweden 1958 Älmhult


20 Sweden has the world's largest IKEA (outside Stockholm; 55200 m2. [3]
Norway 1963 Slependen 7 First IKEA outside Sweden. Stores: Oslo (Two stores, Slependen and Furuset), Kristiansand, Stavanger, Trondheim and Bergen.[4] The world's biggest IKEA is planned to be built in Larvik, Norway. Rumours say it will be as big as 60.000-80.000 square metres.[5]
Denmark 1969 Copenhagen (Ballerup)[6] 5 Ballerup store moved to Høje Tåstrup circa 1979. Other stores: Gentofte, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.
Switzerland 1973 Spreitenbach


9 First IKEA outside Scandinavia.
Germany 1974 Munich (Eching)[8] 48 IKEA's largest market. Berlin has four stores whereas Frankfurt has two stores at Industrial Park and Dai Xiong.
Template:Flagicon Australia 1975 Sydney (Artarmon) 9 There are seven stores in Australia. Rhodes and Tempe in Sydney, Richmond and Springvale in Melbourne, Logan in Brisbane, and also Perth and Adelaide, although Perth and Adelaide are a franchise owned by CEBAS Pty LTD. IKEA have announced they will open stores in Marsden Park, Sydney; Campbellfield, Melbourne; and North Lakes, Brisbane. The planned Campbellfield store will be the largest free-standing store in the Southern Hemisphere totaling 41,000 square metres.[9]
Canada 1975 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 13 According to the Toronto Star the first Canadian Store opened in Dartmouth, NS, in 1975 and closed 13 years later.[10] As of 2012, there were twelve stores in five provinces—two in British Columbia (Richmond and Coquitlam), two in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), one in Manitoba (Winnipeg), five in Ontario (Burlington, Etobicoke, North York, Ottawa, and Vaughan), and two in Quebec (Boucherville and Montreal).[11] The Ottawa store, opened on 7 December 2011, was at the time the largest IKEA in Canada—approximately 37,000 square metres. [12] The newest Canadian IKEA is the Winnipeg store, opened on 28 November 2012.[13]

On 8 May 2012 IKEA began construction on expanding its current Montreal location into North America's largest IKEA store. Completed in summer 2013, the new IKEA Montreal measures 43,626 square metres.[14]

Hong Kong 1975 Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) 3 The first store opened in Hong Kong (then a British colony) in Tsim Sha Tsui, the original store was later relocated. Since 2007, IKEA has had 3 stores in Hong Kong: Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay, Shatin and 1 warehouse in Sheung Shui. All are franchises owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings. The Shatin Store was expanded in December 2009. In summer 2010, the Kowloon Bay store was relocated from Telford Plaza to Megabox, with area of Template:Convert it is currently the largest store in Hong Kong.
Austria 1977 Vienna (Vösendorf) 7 A new store, the seventh of Austria, was opened in 2008 in Klagenfurt.
Singapore 1978 Bukit Timah (Sixth Avenue) 2 Original store moved to Katong in 1984, then to Alexandra Road in Queenstown in 1995. A second store opened in November 2006 in Tampines.
Netherlands 1978 Sliedrecht 12 Groningen store is the 3rd largest in Europe with Template:Convert. Newest stores are in Haarlem and Amersfoort. The old store in Sliedrecht closed in 2006.
Spain 1980 Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) 20 There are 16 stores on mainland Spain & 4 stores in the Canary Islands & the Balearic Islands.
Iceland 1981 Reykjavík 1 Originally, IKEA started its business in a loft above a grocery store in Reykjavík. Later after having spent a decade in a large warehouse, it reopened (at around 20,000 m2) in Garðabær in October 2006.[15]
France 1981 Paris (Bobigny) 30 With 7 stores, Paris has more IKEAs than any other city.
Belgium 1984 Brussels (Zaventem and Ternat) 7 A new store, the seventh of Belgium, opened in November 2008 in Ghent.
United States 1985 Plymouth Meeting 41[16] Built in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania; has since moved to Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The original IKEA building has since been demolished[17] and is now a Whole Foods Market. In 1992, IKEA acquired the California-based STØR chain, adding 3 of that chain's 4 locations to their US presence; that chain's Houston, Texas location, which operated under franchise agreement, became one of only a few independently franchised IKEA locations in the world.[18] Most-recent stores opened since 2008 include Tampa, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Brooklyn, New York; and Centennial, Colorado. New locations in the Miami suburb of Sweetwater, Florida[19] and the Kansas City suburb of Merriam, Kansas[20] are slated to open in Autumn 2014. IKEA announced on 4 December 2013, a new 389,000 square foot store would begin construction in 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri in the city's Midtown District.[21]
United Kingdom 1987 Warrington, Cheshire 18 The largest UK stores are in Croydon in London and at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, each with a capacity of 37,000 m2. [22] The newest stores were completed in December 2007 in Coventry city centre and at the Holywood Exchange in Belfast.[23][24] In November 2007 a planning application was approved for an 18th store in Southampton, which opened on February 12, 2009.[25][26] Future UK locations under consideration are Portsmouth and Slough.Template:Citation needed Plans to build a store in Sheffield have been shelved.[27] Ikea has planning permission to build a new Template:Convert store in Calcot, Reading, Berkshire.[28]
Italy 1989 Milan (Cinisello Balsamo) 21 The last one opened in Pisa in 2014. The largest store is located in Carugate, Milan, extending to 38000 m2.
Hungary 1990 Budapest 2 There are two stores in Hungary, one in the capital city Budapest and one in Budaörs. Two other stores are planned, with one in Soroksár[29]
Poland 1991 Warsaw (Janki) 8 Original location in central Warsaw is now closed. Warsaw has two stores in Janki and Targówek. There are also stores in Gdańsk, Wrocław, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań and Łódź. Six new stores are to be opened in the upcoming years: in Zabrze, Rzeszów, Lublin, Częstochowa, Szczecin, and Bydgoszcz.
Malaysia 1996 Bandar Utama, Selangor 3 Re-located to Mutiara Damansara, Selangor, in 2003. The new IKEA store in Mutiara Damansara was the largest in Asia at that time with a shop floor area of approximately 27,000 square metres (290,000 sq ft). The second store in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur has officially been opened on November 19, 2015, and the largest store was opened on November 15, 2017 at Tebrau, Johor Bahru. On March 15, 2018, IKEA Bang Yai replaced the store in Tebrau as the largest IKEA store in Southeast Asia. In addition, IKEA plans to open one store at Penang.
Portugal 2004 Lisbon (Alfragide) 3 Second store opened on July 31, 2007 in Matosinhos, with Template:Convert,[30] and third store opened on 25 May 2010, in Frielas, Loures, the largest store on the Iberian Peninsula with 39,000 m2.
Turkey 2005 Istanbul 5 There are two stores in İstanbul (Bayrampaşa and Ümraniye), one store in İzmir (Bornova) and one store in Bursa (Osmangazi). A fifth store in Ankara opened in 2011.
Timothy North 2009 Album 1 The first IKEA store was opened on February 18, 2009 at the reserve site of former Ernest North Prison; which was torn down in 2005.
Ireland 2009 [31] Dublin (Ballymun) 1 The first IKEA store in the Republic of Ireland (and second on the island of Ireland) opened on July 27, 2009. The store was granted planning permission in 2007 with conditions,[32][33] and although the store was completed in February 2009,[34] planning conditions[35] resulted in the delayed opening.[36] There are two more stores planned in Cherrywood and Mallow.
Thailand 2011 Bangkok 1 The first IKEA in Thailand opened its door on 3 November 2011, in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan. The store is adjacent to a major interchange where the Bang Na-Bang Pakong Highway and Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road intersect, with convenient access from the more affluent eastern suburbs of Bangkok. It is expected to have Template:Convert.of retail space as a part of the Mega Bangna Shopping Center.[37][38]
Serbia 2017 Belgrade 1 IKEA has acquired land for a store in Belgrade and plans to open a total of 5 stores across the country. IKEA opened the first store at Serbia on 10 August 2017.
Puerto Rico 2013[39] Bayamon, Carolina, Ponce 3 IKEA has open three stores in Puerto Rico with a new concept.[40][41]

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