Joo Koon is an industrial estate in Jurong of the West Region of Singapore. East of Joo Koon is Lok Yang and South is Gul. Joo Koon consists mostly of factories.

It is bounded by Upper Jurong Road, the Pan Island Expressway, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Benoi Road.


Joo Koon MRT Station is located on Joo Koon Circle in the eastern side of the industrial estate.

Joo Koon Bus Interchange was opened in 20 November 2015.


Joo Koon SMC is a single member constituency in Singapore, that encompasses the Joo Koon area together with FairPrice Hub and Tuas areas, inclusive of Pasir Laba. While the political party is under the People's Action Party, it had started in 2015, and was co-led by Foo Mee Har.

Neighbouring AreasEdit

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