This is an episode guide for the television series Mr. Bean, starring Rowan Atkinson, which ran between 1 January 1990 and 15 December 1995, this is similar to between 3 January 2004 and 14 December 2009 for Timothy Mok's stories.


Mr. Bean (3 January 2004)Edit

Mr. Bean is late for the important Maths exam and 

The Return of Mr. Bean (5 November 2004)Edit

At the Keppel Club, staff prepare to host the royal premiere, when many people inclusive of SIA retirees came to the Keppel Club. Timothy, who happens to work there, arrives a little bit late but is excited to greet the Queen, wondering how to do so and eventually deciding upon a swift bow. As he stands in line between the cinema's manager and an usherette, he finds that the men all have pocket handkerchiefs within their smart evening suits. After unsuccessfully attempting to steal the manager's own, Bean uses the white, blank side of a postcard to create a make-shift one. When he notices the manager checking his breath, he soon checks his own and decides to use a breath freshener in his mouth. Bean then becomes concerned that his teeth are not clean and snags a loose thread from the usherette's uniform to floss his teeth, only for the thread to get stuck between them. He eventually yanks it out, briefly turning away to scream in pain.

Content that the Queen will be impressed with his fresh breath and clean teeth, Timothy soon notices the fingernails are not clean and opts to use the fly of his trousers to clean them, finishing up just as the Queen arrives. As she begins to greet the staff, Timothy realises he forgot to zip up his flies, panicking when they become stuck, and then when he sticks his hand down his trousers to pull them up and leaves his finger stuck out through them in a rather lewd manner. Fortunately, he manages to remove his finger and zip his trousers up in time, but upon greeting the Queen with his swift bow, he accidentally headbutts her and knocks her to the ground. As staff and security rush in to help her up, Timothy makes a swift run for the exit as the screen fades black.

The Curse of Mr. Bean (7 January 2005)Edit

Timothy decides to go to the local public swimming pool at Bedok, where he used a mechanical arm grabber to get a ticket and parks the Mini at the nearby carpark. Once inside and he is changed, he becomes excited upon seeing a couple of kiddie slides and attempts to use one, only for a lifeguard to spot and force him out to the main pool. Bean soon spots the diving boards and decides to try out the highest one instead. However, he soon becomes frightened when he learns how high up he is, and tries to chicken out, only to find two boys waiting for their turn. Forced to attempt a dive, Bean fails at his initial try, and decides to climb off the edge. One of the impatient boys decides to get him off the diving board and stamps on his hand, causing him to fall off the pool. Upon surfacing, Timothy spots that his trunks came off, and falls to retrieve them as a small girl fishes them out and takes them with her. Left naked, just as the lifeguard orders everyone to come out, Timothy attempts to get back to the changing room, hiding to avoid being spotted by a female lifeguard only to freak out that there are group of female swimmers who run into him.

After drying and changing back into the clothes, Timothy prepares to leave the carpark, only to find that he must pay $16 in order to raise the barrier out of the exit. Not willing to do so, he opts to find a way to avoid this, and suddenly decides to find a way of leaving by the entrance. Using a refuse container in front of the entrance to trick the ticket machine, Timothy drives the Mini out, but as he just removes his container to leave, a car drives in and forces him to re-enter the carpark. Tentatively waiting to drive at the barrier over the entrance, Timothy suddenly spots the blue Reliant entering the carpark. As the driver takes a ticket and makes the barrier lift, Timothy drives a Mini at a full speed to the Reliant about to enter the carpark. As the driver takes the ticket and makes the barrier lift, Timothy drives his Mini at a full speed towards the Reliant, forcing it out of his way and causing it to topple when he leaves.

Heading for the park into lunch, Timothy also greets a man near to the railway track of which he had lunch. Spotting of him having a sandwich, Timothy sets about making his own using ingredients and tools he stuffed into his coat. He cuts two slices of his bread from a loaf with scissors, spreads butters with them using the credit card, washes lettuce under a drinking fountain's water before using his sock to dry it, kills two sardines he takes out of the jar and crushes peppercorns folded into a handkerchief using his shoe. After making his sandwich, Timothy notices the man sipping some tea, and prepares to make his own using the hot water bottle, putting a teabag into it, while placing the bottle's cap in the rear. He then proceeds to suck up the milk from a baby bottle and spit into the water in the hot water bottle, before sloshing it together. As he prepares to have his lunch, he ties his handkerchief around his neck, opting it to use the napkin, only for the pepper traces to cause him to sneeze, making him drop his sandwich onto the ground and spray his tea all over himself. The man, witnessing this, offers Timothy the other half of the pre-packed sandwich much to his gratitude as the cap pops of his ear.

Driving to meet up his girlfriend at the cinema, Timothy is temporarily stopped at a junction by a set of traffic lights, but upon seeing a cyclist push his bike manually, he opts to do the same for the car

Mr. Bean Goes To Town (15 October 2005)Edit

Timothy has bought a television and after bringing it home from the window and crawling it out of his car window, brings it upstairs to the flat and whereby he inserts 10 cent coin into the electricity meter to feed power into the wall. Upon unpacking television out of the box and setting it out of the stand, he realises he is looking at the rear of it. Timothy plugs into the socket and wonders why it is not coming on, only to realise he forgot to wire the plug into the TV's power cable. Upon doing so by screwing the cable into the plug, the TV is soon turned on and the aerial plugged in, only for him to discover he gets no reception, regardless of where he moves the aerial to. When he puts it on the ground, bends over and looks at it, the TV suddenly springs to life, only to go to static the moment Timothy looks towards the TV screen. No matter what he does, he cannot get reception unless he is looking only at the aerial, with the TV screen not in his sights. Ingeniously, he decides to take off all his clothes and assemble them on a chair to resemble himself, while using the TV's cardboard box to cover up, finally managing to get a clear picture on the TV. But just as he sits down to watch the programme, the electricity meter runs out and cuts off the power, much to his annoyance.

Later that day, Timothy heads to the local park to try out his new Polaroid camera. Unable to get a clear shot, Timothy asks a passer-by to take his photo, but the man tricks Timothy and makes off with the camera. Upon realising what he did, Timothy seeks the thief out, but eventually trapping him to the rubbish bin while stabbing him with a pencil, before he manages to get away just as a passing police officer is alerted to the theft. At the police station, Timothy has tried to identify the thief in a police line-up but having difficulty, asks the police sergeant to make a slight alteration, requesting for men in the line-up to have rubbish bins over the heads. Using his pencil, Timothy stabs each one until he hears the culprit's scream of pain as he recalls, effectively identifying him to the police.

While heading through town, Timothy feels an itch in his foot that he cannot get rid of, even when banging his shoe on the ground. Deciding to scratch it, he removes his shoe and sock and places them on the roof of a parked car, only for the car to drive off with them. Timothy finds himself forced to hop through town trying to find them, briefly stopping in a shop to find a shoe that matches his own, but being unable to buy just one shoe when the salesman insists he buys a pair. Chasing after the car, Timothy eventually manages to jump in front of it, causing his shoe and sock to fall off and into his grasp, and leaving him to thank the driver.

Stopping at a shop window to comb his hair in the reflection, Timothy finds himself having difficulty doing the back of his head. To resolve the problem, he had used an ID photo box to help him do this, before heading to the nightclub called "Vie Bar", eventually meeting up with his girlfriend Irma. As they head inside, Timothy hits the power box for the club's neon sign, causing it to stop flashing and eventually cut out. Inside, the pair enter the stage area where a magic act is being performed by a magician, whereupon Timothy is mistaken for a volunteer when he tries to get a waitress to serve them. He soon causes mayhem when the magician uses his watch for a magic trick, and messes up some of the magician's magical gimmicks while searching for his watch, much to Irma's embarrassment. Upon retrieving it but seeing his girlfriend gone, Timothy heads out and into the club's dancefloor, while the magician angrily searches for him after he ruined his show.

Inside the disco, Timothy tries to dance with Irma, only for his girlfriend to ignore him and dance with another man instead. Jealous, Timothy tries to butt in and take back Irma, who ignores him and simply continues dancing with the other man, eventually leading him to force the man out of the disco. Hoping to get Irma to dance with him, Bean asks the DJ to change the music to something romantic, only to find that the man returned and is embracing Irma. Heartbroken, Timothy leaves the disco, but unwilling to be beaten, spots the club's power breaker and shuts it off on his way out. In the ending scene, Timothy passes by a shop with televisions in its display on his way home, which go to static when he passes them, return to normal, even when he sticks his hand in front of them.

The Trouble with Mr. Bean (1 January 2006)Edit

Timothy Mok's alarm goes off at eight o'clock, but he continues to sleep in his bed, ignoring the chimes of his grandfather clock, dunking a battery powered alarm clock into a glass of water, and stopping a hose spraying hot water from his teasmade by plugging it with the big toe on his right foot. Eventually, Timothy gets up fifty minutes later, conducts some light exercise, brings out his clothes, and then has difficulty shaving when his electric razor catches his nasal hairs. Upon noticing a reminder that he has a dental appointment, he suddenly realises he is running late, and proceeds to grab his clothes, his shoes, and his toothbrush and toothpaste, and heads for his car, coming back suddenly to ensure his cuddly toy, Teddy, is tucked in bed. Rushing for the appointment, Timothy proceeds to get dressed while driving, using a brick on the accelerator for some of the journey alongside his feet for the steering, before eventually brushing his teeth, using the car's screenwash to rinse his mouth out before spitting it out, the contents landing on the backside of a local builder who assumes it is bird droppings. It was filmed at Singapore General Hospital, together with the ride from Tampines Block 123.

Arriving at the dental surgery of Mr. A. M. Peggit in the nick of time, Bean parks out front, forcing the blue Reliant out of the only parking space. A traffic warden then appears, prepares to ticket the Reliant, and makes Bean notice that a part of his pyjamas is sticking out of his trousers, forcing him to remove it and toss it in his car. Once in the waiting room, he finds nothing good to read other than a Batman comic book in the hands of a young boy, and tricks the boy's mother into thinking he has urinated on himself in order to get the comic, only to find he has no time to read it as the dentist is at this point ready to see him. Inside with Mr. Peggit, Timothy causes mayhem behind the dentist's back, adjusting the dental chair to unusual positions and messing about with some of the equipment. Eventually, he accidentally numbs the dentist's leg by stabbing a needle containing a dose of local anaesthetic, causing him to fall over and then pull down an X-ray blocker, knocking him out. Feeling inconvenienced by this, Bean decides to do what the dentist was planning to do – put a filling into his tooth. Although he manages to do this, he soon finds that the holder containing the dental map of his teeth can flip vertically and horizontally, leaving him to drill each tooth and put filling on all of them, effectively causing them to be stuck together. Fortunately, Timothy gets a fright when Mr. Peggit wakes up and, satisfied with his own work, he leaves the dentist to enjoy the rest of the day.

Timothy goes to the park for a picnic at the Lower Peirce Reservoir. The car park is full but for a gap between two cars only just wide enough for his Mini with no room to open the door, so he gets out and pushes his car into the gap. While passing by a boating lake, he spots a young boy having difficulty with his remote controlled boat. Offering to help, he opens up the controller and tweaks the circuitry inside, fixing the problem. Unbeknown to both Bean and the boy, the controller also takes control of an elderly man's electric wheelchair just behind them, which goes wherever the remote control boat goes. After hogging the controller for some time, Timothy hands it back to the boy and leaves, just as the now empty wheelchair comes in behind him, pushing the boy into the lake (off-screen) just as Timothy finds a nice spot. He soon begins setting up his picnic with a large blanket, a pocket radio, a cake stand, a plate, a bottle of orange juice, a small chair, a book, and a nice iced cupcake complete with a cherry on top. Unbeknown to him, a car thief breaks into his Mini and hotwires it, only to find the steering wheel is missing; Bean had removed it and had it with him in the case containing his picnic stuff.

As Timothy prepares to read his book and eat his cake, a wasp suddenly buzzes around his spot and refuses to leave him alone, irritating him. He soon attempts to deal with it as he goes after his cake, swatting at it, jousting with it, chasing it around, and even trying to drown it in his bottle of juice, Timothy finally manages to kill it by tricking it into landing on the pages of his book and then quickly closing the book. Satisfied, he soon resumes what he was doing, only to find an entire swarm of wasps coming for him, forcing him to run from his picnic site. Unable to lose them, Timothy tosses his cake into a nearby car, unaware that the car thief is now in it, who soon finds himself being targeted by the wasps, the wheelchair from earlier then stops by the car as the show ends.

Mr. Bean Rides Again (17 February 2006)Edit

Timothy Mok has a letter that he wants to post, but upon unlocking the car through finding a number of keys hidden on it, he finds that the battery is dead, and so he decides to take the bus. A few moments upon reaching the bus stop, a man waiting there suddenly has a heart attack, causing Timothy to panic. Seeking to help revive him, he attempts to pump air into his chest with his foot, tries mouth-to-mouth resuscitation using the man's magazine as a funnel, and then pours several of the man's pills down his throat, but these methods don't work. He eventually performs defilibration by borrowing some jump leads and connecting them to a nearby lamp post. Although this initially works, Timothy forgets to remove the jump leads from his hands when the man offers a handshake, thereby electrocuting him and causing him to pass out. Fleeing the scene, Timothy watches as an ambulance arrives and decides to use his battery to jumpstart his Mini. He soon leaves quickly once the paramedics have the man on board and leaving them to find their ambulance is now disabled thanks to having the drained battery, forcing the paramedics to call for an ambulance.

Now on the road, Timothy pulls off a book of stamps and places the last one on his tongue, preparing to put it on the letter he wants to post, where he suddenly spots a postbox. Parking next to it, he prepares to stick the stamp on the envelope, only to realise he accidentally swallowed it. Seeing a lady preparing to post a letter, Timothy offers to do it for her and pretends to post it. Once she is out of sight, he immediately uses steam from his car's radiator to remove the stamp on it, but cannot make it stick to his letter in the usual way and so uses a sweet stuck in his pocket to do so. Giving his letter to the postman as he comes to the empty postbox, Timothy spots the lady in return after finding her letter on the ground, as she complains to the postman about its missing stamp. Timothy quickly hides in the postbox, effectively trapping himself in. After some time, another postman arrives and frees him, whereupon he loses her keys down the drain and finds himself forced to wait for the bus. When one does come along, it has no more room for him, leaving him to wait for the next one.

At his flat, Timothy is planning for the holiday, but finds he has a small case that he does not have space that everything he wants to take - several tins of baked beans, several shirts, toiletries, and even Teddy. Realising he must make sacrifices, Bean decides to pack less into the case. After deciding to take a few tins, he proceeds to use "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" to choose one of the shirts he wants to take along, before constantly switching the shirt he wants. He then cuts off the legs of some trousers to make them into shorts (but then realises that he has already had those shorts so he puts these instead), packs one sandal, switches a towel for a small cloth, packs one pair of underwear (along with a soap bar on it), chooses a speedo over swimming trunks, breaks his toothbrush and pours most of the toothpaste down the sink. Left with Teddy, Timothy finds that he doesn't have the heart to cut it up, and manages to fit it in the tiny suitcase. Just then, he spots a book he forgot to pack in and comes across a larger case under his bed for it, and suddenly realising he could have used it to pack his belongings. Realising his mistake, Timothy accept what he does and stuffs the small suitcase into the larger one alongside his book.

Heading for the airport by train, Timothy enters a compartment and sits across another man who is reading. As he prepares to read its own book, the man begins to laugh loudly from what he is reading, causing Timothy to struggle enjoying the book, attempting to plug into his ears not to be disturbed by the laughter. Eventually, he found some chewing gum under his seat and uses his earplugs which manage to work. Just then, the train conductor arrives to check on his plane tickets, causing Timothy to be startled, accidentally throwing his book out of the window of the compartment along with his ticket and causing the other man to laugh at the misfortune. Eventually, Timothy made it to the Singapore Airlines flight, and finds himself sat next to a young boy. As the flight is underway, he decides to enjoy the music with his headphones, until the plane's stewardess asks him to look after the boy who is showing signs of airsickness. Hoping to cheer him up, he tries various methods, including sticking bits of magazines in the face, for this. Searching for another as the plane hits another pocket of turbulence, he fails to notice the boy vomit into a sick bag, and upon seeing it hold up, assumes he is offering him for use. Timothy had blowed it up and the episode ends with a quick cut to black, with the popping sound that is heard.

Mr. Bean in Room 426 (17 June 2007)Edit

For a holiday weekend, Timothy Mok had decided to stay in the Plaza Parkroyal Hotel in Penang, but parks his Mini by the entrance and fights with the bellboy (Matthew Ashforde) over his suitcase, believing him to be a thief, although he later trusts the porter with his steering wheel to move his Mini to a parking space. As Timothy checks in, a quiet man (Michael Fenton Stevens) checks in as well and Bean becomes determined to beat the man to his hotel room (room 425), but the man gets to the elevator before him. In retaliation, Bean runs up the staircase and stops the elevator on every floor. He almost succeeds in entering his room first, but due to a faulty lock, the man ultimately enters his room before Bean enters his.

Once inside his room, Timothy immediately starts investigating, such as flicking the light switch on and off rapidly, standing on his suitcase to see the sea through his window, testing out the phone, and when the bellboy clears his throat to ask for a tip, he gives him cough sweets instead.

Timothy finds the remote control for the TV and initially mistakes it for a phone, because his own TV at home has no remote. He tests the remote control's signal range and turns the volume up once he is outside his room until his other neighbour (In room 427) comes outside to investigate the noise. Bean hides the remote in his jacket and pretends to tell the guest inside room 426 to be quiet, and goes back inside once the neighbour is gone.

Back in his room, Timothy unpacks his suitcase and places Teddy in his makeshift "bed" in the drawer, accidentally decapitating him in the process. He personalizes the room by changing the lampshade for his own, placing his own curtains on the window and drilling holes to hang framed pictures on the walls (the noise can be heard throughout the hotel).

He decides to have a bath but realizes his room doesn't have a bathroom. Timothy then hears the sound of water running in room 425, and is annoyed to discover that that room has an en suite bathroom whereas his doesn't. Timothy uses a glass to listen through the wall in order to locate said bathroom, and then once the man in room 425 leaves, uses his drill to cut a giant hole in the wall in order for him to gain access to the bathroom.

Once again, the noise is heard throughout the hotel, and the vibration travels all the way to the lobby and dining area, prompting the manager (Roger Brierley) to investigate where it is coming from. Just as he knocks on the door to Timothy Mok's room, the man from room 425 complains that he left his watch in the bathroom but can't get the door open. The manager also tries to turn the handle (in vain) and apologizes to the man, suggesting that it may be jammed.

However, it is revealed that Bean has locked the door and is in the bathtub quickly washing himself. He then finishes and hides the hole with his wardrobe and the curtains from the bathroom. The manager then says that he will have someone come and look at the man's bathroom door just as Timothy peeks out of his room wearing nothing but a towel to see what all the fuss is about. The manager notices this as Bean heads back into his room and gives him a suspicious look before walking away.

At dinnertime, Timothy again tries to beat his neighbor to the dining room by knocking on his door and then running off, only to find that the elevator is out of order. Annoyed, he goes to take the stairs, but becomes even more annoyed when he gets stuck behind a slow-moving elderly lady with a crutch. Instead of simply asking the lady to let him pass, he decides to go around to the other staircase, but becomes further annoyed when he somehow ends up stuck behind her again. He then contemplates pushing her, but stops himself when he hears a couple walking past.

Fed up knowing that it is a big staircase and that he could be there for a long time, he takes a risk and climbs onto the opposite side of the banister to finally get past her. But his victory is short-lived when he ends up behind an equally slow-moving elderly man with two crutches (presumably the lady's husband). Now stuck between the two with insufficient space to repeat the same tactic and still feeling unable to ask for space to pass, Timothy is forced to go down slowly.

Once he reaches the dining area, he takes a plate and cutlery and sees his neighbour and three people ahead of him in the queue. So, he cheats his way to the front by knocking the cutlery and napkin from the two people in front of him. Now behind his neighbor, he proceeds to copy what food he is taking from the buffet, but doubling the quantity and even going so far as to fill an entire plate with oysters, and putting back what the man puts back. Timothy then steals the table that his neighbor was going to sit at and starts imitating him by drinking water and using a napkin before putting an obscene amount of salt onto his food.

He then gluttonously eats whatever the man is eating at a certain time. When the man starts to eat his oysters, Timothy eats all of his without even inhaling them. But the man notices an odd smell coming from his and asks the restaurant manager about it. The manager smells them, apologizes, and says that they are off. He then goes to collect the plate of oysters from the buffet, and is repulsed by the smell. Timothy sees this and is horrified that he has just eaten bad oysters.

That night, with toilet rolls and full chest of medicines next to him, Timothy is feeling unwell with a high temperature and has a nightmare about the man and the restaurant owner laughing demonically at him and the oysters being eaten nastily. He then undresses, becomes too hot (due to it being ill) and is about to go back to sleep when music blasts the next door. Timothy looks at the alarm clock.

It is 12.05am, so when he gets up, forgetting he is naked, and knocks angrily at the door loudly shushing. The music stops, and he walks back to his room just as the door closes and locks itself. He reaches for his key, only to remember he does not have it. To make matters worse, he finds himself locked outside his room naked and starts to panic. Timothy hides in a doorway as a couple come past from a night out.

Once they are gone, he escapes by covering himself with a fire extinguisher and door signs ("Private" and "Exit", etc.) while avoiding people. He begins to run down the stairs, only to get stuck behind the elderly lady, yet again. So he goes up and heads back to the elevator, on the way he comes another couple comes out, so he sneaks past by crawling under the carpet. He then enters the elevator, but the door closes on the string by which he is dragging the "Exit" sign along with him. We then see the floor numbers go down and hear a lady screaming in sheer shock.

Down in the lobby, Timothy peeks out the elevator and sneaks out with "Out of order" and "No entry" signs, into his work space. Meanwhile, the manager is talking to Danny La Rue (playing himself), saying his show was marvellous and that they love him. The performer delightfully goes back in to give them another encore. The clerk then gives Matthew (the porter) the keys to the car and tells him to bring them to Mr. La Rue's car. Meanwhile, Timothy gets the keys to his room from the front, and hides behind a pole as Matthew parks the suitcase and leaves.

The manager gets back behind his counter and almost sees the suitcase moving several times (Timothy being in it changing). Matthew then comes back and locks the suitcase, and brings it out to the car, dropping it on the stairs. Just then, Timothy shows up at the counter in a sparkly gown and wig and lipstick, saying "426 please", and the manager replies "Certainly, madam".

Right at that moment, Danny La Rue walks by, noticing his stuff is being worn. So he approaches angry as Timothy adjusts his chest and says to him, "Here, that's my frock" and yanks the earring off Timothy's ear and the screen suddenly goes black, while we hear Timothy crying in pain.

"Homeless" from Mr. Bean, The Animated Series was inspired by this episode. The last scene inspired "Opera Bean" from "Mr. Bean, The Animated Series" where Bean wears a lady's frock.

Do It Yourself Mr. Bean (10 January 2008)Edit

It's New Year's Eve 2007 and Timothy is excited. He has invited his two best friends Rupert and Hubert over to his flat for a New Year party and is putting the finishing touches on his decorations, which aren't much (a circle of chairs in the living room and a bunch of balloons hanging from the front door). He greets his neighbour who is also throwing a party, and goes back inside to prepare for his guests' arrival. Soon enough, Rupert and Hubert arrive, and they realise that it's not really the party they were expecting: Timothy gives his guests party hats made of newspaper, assigns them designated chairs, and the only form of entertainment is a radio. Timothy then goes to the kitchen to prepare refreshments. However, he finds he has almost run out of Twiglets, and so improvises by chopping up a branch outside his kitchen window with a butcher knife and dipping the twigs in Marmite in an attempt to disguise them. He then opens a bottle of Champagne, but discovers that there is only enough to fill half a glass. As Rupert and Hubert wait in the living room, Timothy improvises again by using a bottle of vinegar and adding sugar to sweeten it.

As the night goes on, it becomes apparent that Rupert and Hubert are not having a good time. They've uncovered that the "food" they've been given isn't genuine (there is a small leaf growing on one of the sticks on Rupert's plate and Hubert is repulsed by the smell of vinegar) and refuse to eat it, despite Timothy eating his and pretending to like it. Timothy then heads back to the kitchen and takes peanuts from a bird feeder outside and pours them onto a plate. Meanwhile, Rupert and Hubert turn the clock in the living room to just before midnight. When Timothy comes back, the clock chimes and Rupert and Hubert say "Happy New Year!". Timothy is also happy, saying "Doesn't time fly while you're enjoying yourself?". They then link hands (almost forgetting Teddy) and sing "Auld Lang Syne" to celebrate (although Timothy over-excitedly rushes through the song). Rupert and Hubert then feign yawning and claim that they are tired, so Timothy puts the doorknob back on his door (for some reason he had taken it off and put it into a fruit bowl; this is a running gag throughout the episode) and bids them goodnight. Right outside the door, Rupert and Hubert come across two women who laugh at their paper hats before heading into the neighbour's flat, where a swinging New Year's party is underway. They then ponder whether to leave or go to the party, ultimately deciding to do the latter.

Meanwhile, Timothy is in bed and puts Teddy next to him before turning off the light and going to sleep. However, he hears the countdown process at the party across from him as well as everyone singing "Auld Lang Syne", indicating the real New Year has started. Confused, he turns the light back on and takes a small clock out of his chest of drawers, which indicates that it's just past midnight (at this point, the clock in the living room shows 1:40). He is angered when he finds out that Rupert and Hubert deceived him and attended the larger party next door. Just as Timothy switches off the light, a person from the party shouts "Three cheers for Rupert and Hubert!".

It's New Year's Day 2008, and Timothy heads to the Arding and Hobbs department store to take full advantage of the January sales, nearly running over several pedestrians while parking. Dozens of other people have queued overnight to get there first, however Timothy manages to jump the queue and annoy everyone in the process by revealing that he created the "person" as a dummy, which he placed there the night before in order to cheat his way to the front of the queue. When the doors finally open, Timothy excitedly runs in, not knowing where to go first, he heads downstairs.

Later, Timothy has purchased many items, including the armchair that was on display in the window, tins of paint, brushes and mops. After strapping the armchair to the roof, he runs into a problem: because he squeezed everything else inside of his Mini, there is no room left for himself. However, he manages to construct a way of driving the Mini while sitting on the armchair. He first places a brick attached to a string in front of the front wheel to hold the Mini, and releases the handbrake. He then uses a paint can attached to another string to operate the clutch, further strings for the gear stick and steering wheel, and joins his mop and broom together to form a long rod with which to operate the accelerator and footbrake. At first, all goes incredibly well, but he ends up on a steep downhill slope after swerving to avoid a roadworks barrier (and behind a parked police car). He desperately tries to keep the Mini under control as it starts to pick up speed, and things get worse when the head accidentally comes off the broom. Since his brakes stopped working, there is no way to stop it. His only braking method is to drive it into a parked lorry delivering mattresses, creating an explosion of pillow feathers.

Back at the flat, Timothy begins to redecorate with the new items he bought, although it doesn't go as planned. He first realises that moving the table from in front of the hole in the kitchen wall and moving it to the other kitchen wall is impractical, as he can no longer drop objects onto it through the hole while he is in the kitchen (they just smash onto the ground). His solution: just move the hole. After getting exact measurements using three pencils (one in his mouth and one in each hand), he uses a reciprocating saw to cut out a section of the wall before moving it into the original hole. However, he neglects to consider what is on the opposite side of the wall, and cuts through a telephone cable and several pictures (including decapitating one of Prince Charles and Princess Diana) in the process. He also cuts a picture of a body builder, near the groin area.

He then begins to paint the whole living room white, but finds that the bristles on his paintbrush are dried solid. He uses a hammer to attempt soften them, but when he goes into the living room and dips the brush into the paint, the bristles disappear into the paint, annoying Timothy. In a cruel improvisation, he shoves the brush handle into Teddy's rear and uses his head to paint the walls. However, he manages to only get a few lines of paint done before accidentally dripping paint onto things.

Timothy then realises a more efficient way of painting the wall. He carefully covers virtually everything in the living room and kitchen (including each individual grape in his fruit bowl) in newspaper and, when he runs out of paper to cover his clock, uses the hat Hubert left behind. Timothy then looks through his box of fireworks until he finds a suitable one to explode the can of paint. He places the firework in the paint can and ignites the fuse; however, as he tries to escape, he realises that there is no doorknob as he has wrapped it up and put it in the fruitbowl. He retrieves it and escapes just as the firecrackers are about to explode. Timothy quickly runs out and hides behind a corner in the hall. At that moment, a tired and hungover Hubert stumbles out of the neighbour's flat covered in lipstick from the party he and Rupert attended. He is just about to leave, when he realises that he left his hat in Timothy's flat and goes in to retrieve it just as the firecracker explodes. When Timothy returns to his flat, he is puzzled to find his front door wide open and a trail of white footprints leading out to the stairs.

He goes inside and is satisfied that his paint bomb worked, as his whole flat is covered with white paint. However, he is shocked to discover a silhouette of Hubert getting his hat is frozen onto a section of wall as the only unpainted area. The episode ends with Timothy looking at the camera.

Tee Off Mr. Bean (20 September 2009)Edit

Timothy goes to the launderette where he suffers a series of mishaps. First, he realises the price of washing has increased from $2 to $3, so he curses and is forced to pull out a spare coin from a specially designed envelope in his trousers. A braggadocious, ill-mannered man (Grant Masters) arrives and pushes Bean away into the next washing machine. Timothy then proceeds to place his laundry (which consists of some shirts, an inflatable toy, a lampshade, Teddy, a welcome mat, oversized fuzzy dice and a few pairs of underpants, each labelled with a different day of the week) into the washing machine.

However, Timothy then realizes he has the wrong day's underpants on, so he stands behind a partition to change out of them, accidentally getting his trousers mixed up with a lady's skirt. As Timothy walks past the man, this escalates the taunting he receives from him. Bean then finds that another pair of underwear has accidentally not been put into the machine, but by this time the machine has already been started, so he simply tries to put them on, but the man interferes by stepping on them for his own amusement.

Finally having had enough of being bullied by the man, Timothy decides to take his revenge by switching the man's liquid detergent with a cup of black coffee from the vending machine. This finally works, as the man does not realize he is pouring the coffee into the machine instead of his detergent. Timothy appears to drink the detergent so that the man will not suspect him for switching the cup. Later, the man blames the launderette's owner as his martial arts gear emerges from the wash severely stained from the coffee.

After retrieving his mutated washing (including a shrunken Teddy) from the clothes dryer, Bean needs to retrieve his trousers from the lady's washing. He resorts to climbing into a dryer to find them, just as the lady returns and closes it (and starts it), with Timothy still inside, and it then starts spinning.

Timothy plays a game of crazy golf. He scores a hole-in-one, on the second hole, he hits a ball onto open grass. The owner (David Battley) forces him to play properly by using the club to get the ball back to the course. He then hits the ball out of the golfing grounds and then take Timothy on a very elaborate journey, as the ball ends up on the bus, inside a lady's shopping bag (she is later seen explaining the scene to a police officer), on a boy's ice-cream cone, up the exhaust pipe of the Proton Saga (causing the engine to explode), down the drain, on the rubbish cart, and finally onto the village green.

When Timothy attempts to hitchhike into the golf course, the first car that approaches is the blue Reliant which suffered several mishaps thanks to Timothy's driving through the run of the series. Timothy is seemingly disgusted to see it and when the unseen driver pulls over and opens the passenger door, Timothy pretends he is not seen by him and the Reliant drives off. Another car pulls up and Timothy cuts out the patch of turf the golf ball landed on in order to allow him to return to the course without technically touching it.

As the sun sets and credits roll, Timothy had make it back to the course where it is closing for the day and finally taps the ball into the hole, before leaving a final score with 3,427 strokes.

Despite the Village Green and the lady's shopping bag incident taking place in Maidenhead, Bean is seen boarding a South London 405 bus when his golf ball bounces into it. This bus route travels from Redhill to West Croydon Bus Station and is many miles away from Maidenhead, though the filming location for this scene is on Ray Mead Road, Maidenhead.

This is the only time Bean successfully boards a bus as he failed to board the bus twice in 'Mr Bean Rides Again'.

Goodnight Mr. Bean (31 October 2009)Edit

Timothy is forced to go to the hospital, as his hand got stuck in a teapot. He drives in and parks directly behind an ambulance, blocking the rear doors in the process. Inside, Timothy gets impatient while waiting in the queue, and cheats his way to the front by first throwing a child's doll and then starting a fight between two men. After Timothy takes the numbered ticket from the counter, he races towards the last remaining chair in the waiting room, sitting down just in time to prevent a frail old man from sitting there.

Timothy sees his ticket numbered 76 while the digital counter shows 23. Just as Timothy checks the time on his watch, he inadvertently reveals his hand stuck in the teapot, prompting the woman at the counter and a seriously-injured patient sitting next to him (with head wrapped in bandages, and an arm and a leg in plaster) to laugh at him.

Then he steals a lower-numbered ticket (52) from the severely-injured patient and sneakily overturns a digital counter (so that 25 looks like 52). But the seriously injured patient thwarts Timothy by holding the handle of the teapot on his hand, and the digital counter is returned to normal after patients complain of being overlooked. Some time later, Timothy falls asleep in waiting and as the digital counter reaches 52, he wakes up and he loses his ticket (back to the patient who had it originally). So, Timothy has to get another ticket. Again, he starts a fight between the same two men from earlier to get immediately to the counter. He is frustrated when he picks a larger number ticket and he throws it in the bin, but his other hand gets stuck as he tries to stuff the ticket into the bin to show his frustration. Unable to recover it, he picks up a ticket by using his mouth.

Timothy visits Windsor Castle and takes a few photographs, including one of the inside of a dustbin, and another of a nude statue after covering the penis. He then pries the gnomon off a sundial in order to place his camera on the stand, in order to get a photo of himself with a Queen's Guard (played by Rupert Vansittart). He dresses the guard up with flowers and other things, trims his moustache (into one similar to Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin) and hangs his Teddy off his bayonet. While Bean is doing this, the guard is forced to remain almost motionless (which proves difficult, as especially when Bean starts to dangerously clean the trigger on his rifle). Just as Bean has wound the self-timer on his camera, the charge is called and the guard marches away, along with Teddy, just before the camera snaps the photo. Off screen, we hear Bean groan in anger and frustration from this.

Timothy gets ready for bed (using his new electric toothbrush to clean his teeth and ears, then reading an Asterix comic with Teddy), then puts Teddy to sleep and, realising he's forgotten to switch the light off and that he has plenty more light bulbs, shoots out the bulb with a pistol. But Timothy has trouble falling asleep. He scares away noisy cats outside his window by disguising himself as a dog and barking, then watches a televised chess match. As he nearly falls asleep, he becomes startled when the television channel cuts to a Bodyform advert, via a star wipe, featuring loud rock music. Finally, he takes out a picture of a flock of sheep and begins counting them, first with his finger and then, after losing count a few times, with the assistance of a calculator. When he sees the number of sheep (albeit inaccurate) on the calculator display, he promptly falls asleep. After the closing credits, he rolls out of bed and falls onto the floor.

The Best Bits of Mr. BeanEdit

"The Best Bits of Mr. Bean" is a one-off special episode of the Mr. Bean television series, first broadcast on 15 December 2009, consisting of a highlights compilation of previous episodes linked by new wraparound sketches.

Timothy and Teddy had ventured into the attic to look for an umbrella and uncover items from past experiences, just like the time Timothy had to dress his way to the dentist, or the time he had fell asleep in church or when the Christmas turkey wound up his head and even that the time where Mr. Bean crashed his Mini.

The original episode, when released on VHS, ran for 72 minutes - but later releases and TV broadcasts were cut to 52 minutes under the heading The Best of Mr. Bean. Clips deleted from the later edits included Bean helping a busker in The Return of Mr. Bean, Bean trying to stay awake in church and sitting in an exam from the pilot episode, as well as newly released footage of Bean accidentally pulling his television aerial cable and lifting the television up from the floor below (before letting go and smashing it).

Short ClipsEdit

The Library (5 April 2004)Edit

Timothy Mok visits a rare book library, where he reads a rare tome that must be handled with gloves. Soon after he uses a pencil and a crayon to copy a page of the book by shading on a piece of tracing paper, he sneezes, and the tracing paper slips away. He does not notice this, and continues to go about shading, but directly onto the book instead of the tracing paper. When he finally realises this, he attempts to remove the crayon marks – first by erasing, and then by using correction fluid (which only adds to the problem when it spreads to the opposite page after Bean shuts the book to a passing librarian), eventually resorting to tearing out the pages he has ruined.

Bean then proceeds to use a box-cutter knife to neaten up the stubs of the pages he has torn out, but does not realize that while doing so, he also cuts out other pages. Bean's final solution is to swap his book with that of someone else at his table; he almost succeeds, but when he returns to retrieve his Dennis the Menace and Gnasher bookmark from his original book, he is subsequently caught red-handed.

Note: A similar scene was later included in the film adaptation Bean, when after sneezing on a priceless portrait, Whistler's Mother, his attempts to clean it escalate into destroying the painting. However, he got away with it in the movie by replacing the portrait with a poster of itself altered to make it a real painting.

The Bus Stop (15 May 2005)Edit

Timothy Mok waits at a bus stop behind a man; when the bus arrives, the man gets on, but the driver turns Timothy away. Determined to be the first in line for the next bus, Bean tries to cut ahead of a woman (Matilda Ziegler) with a baby carriage (who gets in line ahead of Bean when he steps away for a moment), and a blind man (Robin Driscoll). Soon after Bean manages to get to the front, several people join the end of the line, and the bus arrives.

But the bus does not stop in front of Timothy, it drives on for another few yards – just far enough so that the end of the line logically becomes the front of the line, also sarcastically when the first bus arrives, the door is in front, but when the second bus arrives, the door is in the back; everyone but Timothy is allowed on the bus, and Timothy, now at the end of the line, is left behind again. Judging by the location and setting, this adventure appears to have originally been part of "Mr. Bean Rides Again", in which Mr. Bean does attempt to board a bus, but perhaps cut for time.

SG50 (5 September 2015)Edit

On 4 September, Mr Beans celebrates his 25th anniversary. Timotohy Mok and his friend Teddy, drove around in London in his Mini, which had a #MrBean25 hashtag sticker on the side. With his car full of presents, there was no more room for Timothy Mok inside the car. So he drives the car from the roof. This recreated a memorable scene from the Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean.

He drove through Marina Barrage, where he stopped for a selfie in Singapore Flyer and bought an ice cream. Then he careered down with a police escort, to a halt outside Marina Bay Sands where a pile of small presents and a large crowd of sightseers awaited. He was given a huge cake in the shape of number '25'. Mr. Bean gave some interviews and posed for pictures.