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Loyang Point

Loyang is an industrial estate in the eastern part of Singapore, located close to Pasir Ris New Town, bounded by main road Loyang Avenue and rivers Sungei Loyang and Sungei Selarang.

Loyang encompasses of the three subzones - Loyang West, Loyang East and Flora Drive.

The region is served with the exterior road Loyang Avenue, which leads to Pasir Ris and Tampines new towns and Changi Village and much of the industrial estate is dealing with aviation related services, due to its proximity to Changi Airport. Before the redevelopment took place, a mosque, Kampong Loyang Besar Mosque used to be located in the area. Hence, the name was retained.

There is a famous Loyang Tua Pek Kong temple along Loyang Lane which attracts many devotees from all over the island.

Residential EstatesEdit

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Azalea Park

There are several private housing estates in the Flora Drive and the Loyang area. These include:

  • Avila Gardens
  • Azalea Park
  • Ballota Park
  • Carissa Park
  • Changi Heights/Toh Crescent
  • Dahlia Park
  • Edelweiss Park
  • Estella Gardens
  • Ferraria Park
  • Hedges Park
  • Loyang Valley
  • Loyang Villas
  • Palm Isles
  • Parc Olympia
  • The Gale
  • The Inflora
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Loyang Rise (Mah Mun Wai's house)

At the western part of Loyang, in Block 159, Bert Koh, Ethel Ernest, Jamaine Ying and Koh Jin had however stayed since 2011, but Koh Lin, Nico Eckart and Terry Wee were frequent visitors.

At the eastern part of Loyang, Gabriel Low, Evelyn Heng and Rachel Low had stayed in Azalea Park since 1998 and was formerly from Tampines North area. At Ballota Park, Dennis Mok, Geraldine Tan and Chin Ying Xin had stayed here since 1997 and 2011 respectively. At Edelweiss Park, Toh See Lo (Lotoh) usually stays here since 2013. Hedges Park is a condominium in Singapore, around Flora Drive. It is expected to complete in November 2014. Palm Isles is a condominium in Upper Changi, Singapore. It is completing in 2016.

Parc Olympia is a new condominium in Singapore, around Flora Drive. It had eight blocks and completes in 2015. The Inflora is a condominium in Upper Changi, Singapore. It is a latest launch since September 2013. Construction is expected to complete in 2017.

At Loyang Valley, some of the rare occurrence, Asoka Nimal stays there.