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Marina South Pier is a pier that is located in Marina South, Singapore. It is used as a terminal for tourists and day trippers who are boarding small boats and ferries heading for the Southern Islands. Regular ferries to Kusu Island and Saint John's Island operate secondly.

Marina South Pier was specifically built to replace Clifford Pier when the Marina Barrage was built. It opened in April 2006.

It is reachable by bus service 402 from the Marina Bay MRT Station. When the Marina South Pier opens in 2014, it will have a dedicated MRT station serving the pier and its vicinity. The station is part of the North South Line Extension.

Transport connectionsEdit


The nearest MRT station is Marina Bay but with Marina South Pier opening in 2014[1] and Marina South opening in 2021,[2] both stations will serve the pier and its vicinity.


Service 402 will stop by the pier from Marina Bay which covers the first four bus stops.[3]

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