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Marsiling Secondary School (abbreviation: MSL) is a government co-educational secondary school in Woodlands, Singapore. It was founded in 2000. MSL is now in Marsiling Road, Singapore, having been temporarily housed at the premises of Woodgrove Secondary School from 2000 to late 2001, due to prolonged delays in construction of the Marsiling campus when the company handling the construction collapsed in mid-2000.


​As Marsiling Secondary SchoolEdit

Marsiling Secondary School was inaugurated as a result of a shortage of secondary schools, especially in anticipation of the record number of primary-school leavers in 2000. Mrs Choy Chee Meh was appointed the first principal of MSL,[1] and acquisition of land at the current site began shortly after the decision to establish the school. Primary-school leavers had little interest in choosing MSL at first, compared with the long-established secondary schools in Woodlands.

As Si Ling Secondary SchoolEdit

Si Ling Secondary School was a co-educational government school in Marsiling, Singapore. The school has been given awards such as the Character Development Awards. Si Ling has enrichment programmes such as the Outdoor Education Programme and iMEET, where students use tablet PCs to learn mathematics.

The school was permanently closed in 2017 due to low demand, the nightlife was cut in 2014, and was so far away with lack of public transport. Students were re-tendered into Marsiling or Woodgrove Secondary Schools respectively.

Culture and valuesEdit

The school has adopted the core values of P.R.I.D.E., which stood for Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence, and Enterprise. A.C.H.I.E.V.E. was adopted as the school's core aims: Academic Excellence, Character Building, Healthy lifestyle, IT way of life, Excellence in Aesthetics, Valued relationships, and Enriching partnerships.

One of the most severe punishments used by the previous principal, public caning, has been found unnecessary by the present principal.[1] However, as at most Singapore secondary schools, private corporal punishment is in regular use. Caning with a large rotan is administered in the office (to male students only) by the Head of Discipline whenever their behaviour requires it. MSL policy is that the cane strokes are always delivered to the seat of the boy's trousers.

Lesser offences are punished with detention class which is held every day Monday to Thursday.

There is a CCA called "Marsiling Chinese Orchestra".


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