Millenia Walk (Chinese: Template:Lang) is a shopping centre in Singapore, located in the heart of Millenia Singapore within the Marina Centre subzone of the Downtown Core, Singapore.

The shopping centre has an open atrium structure designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize winning architect Philip Johnson, and a wide and spacious interior with lifestyle shops specialising in an array of products and services. Its flagship stores include Harvey Norman, a specialist in electrical and electronics goods, furniture and bedding; and Cortina Watch Espace Boutique, Asia's largest watch gallery. At the crossroads of the mall is the Great Hall where productions, exhibitions, performances and other attractions are hosted.

There is also PARCO Marina Bay, of which the section is linked to the Millenia Walk and Promenade MRT Station. It was opened on April 17, 2010 and was finally closed on February 22, 2014 due to the drop in demand. It was therefore replaced by the new Harvey Norman flagship store.

Timothy Mok had went on 12 May 2013 (Saturday), which is going to the Luqman Hakim's area and Abdul Hayyil's area.


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