Motor vehicle theft (sometimes referred to as grand theft auto by the media and police departments in the US) is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a car. They are thieves that have access to keys or without keys, carjacking and fraudulent access to the car. In Malaysia there are a lot of motor vehicle thefts around.

Commonly used toolsEdit

  • Slide hammer puller to break into the door locks and the cylinder lock.
  • Multimeters or a test light to find a power source
  • Spare wires and/or a screwdriver to connect the power source to the ignition and starter wires
  • A generic rod and hook toolkit to slip between the car window and car frame and to open the lock behind the window. A common one is called the "Slim Jim".
  • Many keyless ignition/lock cars have weak[1][2] or noTemplate:Citation needed cryptographic protection of the unlock signal. Proof-of-concept "thefts" of top-of-the-line luxury cars have been demonstrated by academic researchers using commercially available tools such as RFID microreaders, but is unknown whether the attack has been used for actual theft.
  • A firearm or other weapon such as a baseball bat, or a utility knife or a box cutter to break open a window or threaten a passenger if inside the carTemplate:Or


There are various methods of prevention to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen. These include physical barriers, which make the effort of stealing the vehicle more difficult. Some of these include:

  • Devices used to lock a part of the vehicle necessary in its operation, such as the wheel, steering wheel or brake pedal. A popular steering wheel lock is The Club.
  • Immobilisers, allowing the vehicle to start only if a key containing the correct chip is present in the ignition. These work by locking the steering wheel and disabling the ignition.
  • Chances of theft can also be reduced with various deterrents, which give the impression to the thief that s/he is more likely to get caught if the vehicle is stolen. These include:
    • Car alarm systems that are triggered if a breaking and entry into the vehicle occurs
    • Microdot identification tags which allow individual parts of a vehicle to be identified
    • Killswitch circuits are designed to frustrate or slow down the efforts of a determined car thief. Killswitches are often located between crucial parts of the starting system, between the battery source and the coil, or the fuel pump. A car cannot start without first flipping these killswitches to closed position. Savvy car owners hide these killswitches in obscured areas, under the dashboard, beneath the seat, behind a chair, etc.
    • Signage on windows warning of the presence of other deterrents, sometimes in absence of the actual deterrents.
    • VIN etching

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