Nee Soon Single Member Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 義順單選區; Simplified Chinese: 义顺单选区) is a former Single Member Constituency in the northern area in Singapore that was created in 1959 general elections and ceased to exist prior to 1988 general elections.

Formation and DissolutionEdit

Yishun is the Mandarin romanization of Nee Soon (Hence both names are interchangeable) is one of the rural area in the northern area in Singapore. In its inception on 1959, there were only 8,694 voters and it includes present day Ang Mo Kio town, as opposed to wards that were nearer to the present day City Business District such as Kreta Ayer that has 14,173 voters but the area was way smaller that this ward shows the population demographic in Singapore at that point of time.

Ang Mo Kio DevelopmentEdit

Ang Mo Kio had started development in 1973. It had took use of the Neighbourhood 1 and 2 that is due for completion in 1976, between then it was formed as Ang Mo Kio constituency in 1976 and split into Cheng San, Yio Chu Kang and Chong Boon constituencies.

Yishun DevelopmentEdit

Since Yishun New Town was only developed from 1979 all the way to 1989, similar to Tampines which explains the ward's boundary have received many changes, this ward was finally dissolved prior to 1988 general elections where most of this ward goes to Nee Soon South SMC as the area is still relatively undeveloped consisting of Khatib and Yio Chu Kang near Yio Chu Kang MRT Station areas and the portion in Yishun central was created as Nee Soon Central SMC where former opposition MP Cheo Chai Chen made his debut there. The remaining portion of this constituency was carved into 2 sub-division constituency of Chong Pang and Nee Soon East ward in Sembawang GRC with the lateral to be carved out of that GRC in 2001 general elections which since then the Workers' Party has been contesting there.