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Novena Square Shopping Mall (Chinese: 诺维娜广场) is a shopping mall located in Novena, Singapore. It lies directly above Novena. It is located at Novena, Singapore. From November 2006, Novena Square Shopping Mall rebrands itself as a brand new sports and lifestyle mall with a new building extension, called the Velocity@Novena Square.


There are various retail shops and services present in Novena Square.

Type of shops include:

  • Sports Apparel & Equipment
  • Medical & Dental
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Music, Gifts, Florist & Hobbies
  • Books & Stationery
  • Optical
  • Children's Fashion, Toys & Maternity
  • Restaurants, Cafes & Food Specialites
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Supermarket
  • Fitness Centre & Enrichment Centre
  • Telecommunications & Computers
  • Furnishing & Household Applicances
  • Travel Services & Others
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • St. Gaming

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