One-north Park is a community park that is situated in the northern zone of one-north, near the Ministry of Education (MOE) at Buona Vista.


One-north Park, totalling 16 hectares in land area, is a key component of the One-north Master Plan. It runs through the entire length of One-north, forming a continuous and linear green spine. The lush greenery and scenic landscape create an interesting contrast against the architecture of the buildings in the area.

The entire One-north Park consists of 13 land parcels. The land parcel adjacent to Biopolis (P5) is one of the larger sections being developed and has been open to the public since October 2005.


The park today serves as crucial relief space to the communities in the One-north area. It is also a meeting point for informal gatherings and events, thus promoting greater interaction and networking among the talents in One-north. The park also gives a unique visual identity to the area and acts as a green connector, linking the various developments in One-north.

Getting thereEdit

By Bus: Services 74, 91, 91A, 92, 95, 95A, 191, 196, 198, 200 Get off at bus stop on No. B03/04 North Buona Vista Road.

Services. 32*, 100, 100B*, 145*, 105, 106, 111, 147, NR5, NR8 Get off at bus stop No. B01/02 on the Commonwealthe Avenue.

  • These buses stop at only bus stop No. B02.

By MRT: (1) You can take the East-West line and get off at Buona Vista Station. (2) Cross the overhead bridge and walk along the North Buona Vista Road toward the MOE building

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