Png Eng Huat (Template:Zh; born 9 December 1961) is a Singaporean politician and businessman. A member of the opposition Workers' Party, he has been a Member of Parliament (MP) representing the single-member constituency of Hougang since 26 May 2012, when he won the 2012 Hougang by-election.


After completing his university studies, Png worked for various organisations including Philips Singapore and NTUC Income,[1] before setting up some of his own businesses.

Political careerEdit

Png joined the Workers' Party in 2006,[2] and is currently the party's Deputy Webmaster.[3]

At the 2011 general election, Png stood as a candidate for the in the East Coast Group Representation Constituency. The five-member team from the Workers' Party was defeated by the team from the governing People's Action Party (PAP) by 49,429 votes (45.2%) to 59,992 (54.8%).[4] This was third-highest percentage of the votes garnered by losing opposition candidates, which therefore entitled the Workers' Party to nominate a member of the team to become a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (the party nominated Png's team-mate Gerald Giam).

On 10 May 2012, the Workers' Party announced that Png would be the party's candidate in the 2012 Hougang by-election.[5] His nomination was confirmed on 16 May. He was one of two candidates in the by-election, the other being Desmond Choo of the PAP.[6] Png won the by-election by 13,460 votes (62.1%) to 8,223 (37.9%).[7]

Following his election to Parliament, the Workers' Party appointed Png as a Vice-Chairman of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council.[8]

Early life and educationEdit

Png grew up living in the Tanjong Pagar area of Singapore. He was educated at Peck Seah Primary School and Raffles Institution,[9] before going on to the Singapore Polytechnic, where he completed a Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1983. He then studied radio, television and film at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989.

Personal lifeEdit

Png is married and has one son and one daughter.[10]


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