Simei is a housing estate located in the eastern part of Singapore, situated next to Tampines New Town across the Pan-Island Expressway. The name Simei is pinyin for "four beauties" in Chinese. It was originally carved from the Tampines South area. It was officially renamed to Simei in 1985.


Simei used to be a Malay kampong. It was cleared in February 1982 to make way for the HDB estate in Simei. For a brief period, the roads in this area was named after the four great beauties in Chinese history (Xishi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan and Yang Guifei). These confusing names were swiftly changed following complaints, but however these beauties were preserved in the block 118 of Simei.

Residential EstatesEdit

There are several residential estates in Simei.

  • Simei Neighbourhood 1
    • Blocks 101-166
    • Blocks 167A-168D
  • Simei Neighbourhood 2
    • Blocks 223-235
    • Blocks 242-248
    • Blocks 253-256

​Private housing estates do include My Manhattan, Modena, Tropical Spring, Double Bay Residences, Melville Park, Eastpoint Green and Simei Green Condo.

Parc Lumiere is a new housing estate that is part of DBSS. Construction began in 2008 and completed in 2010. The terminal was opened, commonly known as "Simei East". It is known to the "roadside terminal" in the present time.

My Manhattan is a condominium in Simei, Singapore. It is already completed in October 2014.


There are wide range of amenities at Simei, including Changi General Hospital, Novotel Simei, Changi-Simei Community Club and Eastpoint Mall. The Novotel Simei is being built in 2015 and had coffeeshops like Kopitiam, Hola! and Obread, including Mirana Cake Shop.

NTUC FairPrice, a leading hypermarket chain in Singapore, had relocated temporarily to the makeshift Eastpoint Mall in June 2013 and went back in December 2014. Cheers and 7-Eleven are two convenience stores located near Simei MRT Station.


There are schools in ITE College East, the Metta Development School, Changkat Primary School and Changkat Changi Secondary School. Another school, Singapore University of Technology and Design is located within close proximity to the area.


Simei MRT Station is part of the East West Line. There are bus routes which plies along Simei area, they are 5, 9, 20, 38 and Premium 531. For the bus services that plies at the outskirts, they are routes 10, 17, 31 and 118 which is from Simei Avenue, and also route 12 in Simei Street 1. It is also close proximity to Changi Airport via the Pan Island Expressway.

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