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The Singapore History Gallery is a Template:Convert gallery located within the vicinity of the National Museum of Singapore. The gallery adopts a story-telling approach, unveiling different perspectives through tales of the past.

The CompanionEdit

Instead of using museum labels to describe artifacts, the gallery uses an audio tour device known as the Companion to guide visitors around the gallery. Each Companion consists of an LCD display, a pair of earphones and a keypad which enables guest to enjoy audio, visual and textual content which complement the National Museum's physical collection of artefacts.Guest can read descriptions, listen to expert opinions and dramatised scenarios, as well as watch videos related to these artifacts by entering in the zone code located on the floor, followed by the numbers next to the artifacts. The Companion is designed for anyone aged seven and above. Available in English Language, Mandarin, Malay and Japanese, a children's guide is also available in English. Voice talents include FLY Entertainment artistes, Brendon Fernandez, Nora Samosir, Lim Yu Beng, Timothy Nga and MediaCorp artistes Alaric Tay, Lim Kay Tong, Beatrice Chang, Gerald Chew and Terrance Yap. Others include British actress Elizabeth Tan and American actor Daniel H. Jenkins.


The gallery is divided into eight sections of Singapore's History. The several lists below shows highlighted artefacts in each section. This bronze star 10px represents that the artefact is one of the 12 treasures of the museum. Immediately at the entrance of the gallery, a staff will give a brief tour of the companion, FLY Entertainment artiste Brendon Fernandez (the companion of the gallery) will later give a clearer explanation of the companion before visitors enter the main gallery.

Singapore Over 700 YearsEdit

Singapore Over 700 Years, is the first multimedia installation visitors experience when entering the Singapore History Gallery. The space in which the multi-projector installation is shown consists of a 23-metre high drum into which visitors enter, crossing a bridge spanning the interior, before descending two levels down a spiralling ramp to the rest of the History Gallery space. HDMI images span the entire 360-degree glass surface of the drum’s interior.

The juxtaposition of rural/traditional and urban/modern images conveys a day in the life of Singapore. Set to a musical background of excerpts from Vladimir Martynov’s symphony Singapore:A Geopolitical Utopia, sequences illustrate the culture’s efficient and meritocratic work habits, its love of technology, its need for ceaseless updating and change, and its frenetic communication and transportation networks. These are contrasted with more personal portrayals of Singaporeans engaged in their daily routines.A snippet of the original footage can be found on the production site.

In actionEdit

As guests enter the lower drum of Singapore Over 700 Years - 1400 to 2015, Fernandez gives a brief tour of the companion. He then asks each guest to decide whether to continue watching the show or to enter the main gallery.

Some of the exhibits do include -

  • 14th Century
  • Sejarah Singapura
  • Founding in 1819 (1800 - 1825)
  • Straits Settlements (1825 - 1867)
  • Crown Colony (1867 - 1941)
  • Battle of Singapore (1941 - 1942)
  • Japanese Occupation (1942 - 1945)
  • Post-War Period (1945 - 1949)
  • Self-Governance (1950s)
  • Merger (1963 - 1964)
  • Independence (1960s & 1970s)
  • Modern Developments (1980s & 1990s)
  • Singapore Millennium (2000 - 2015)
  • The Future Singapore (which is after SG50)
  • In Memoriam: Lee Kuan Yew

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