The Singapore Living Galleries are located within the vicinity of the National Museum of Singapore. Each of them are categories into four groups, Film and Wayang, Fashion, Food and Photography. The several multimedia installations set up in the galleries are by Gsmprjct°.

Film and WayangEdit

This gallery features film and soundtrack of local and Malaysian produced films. The gallery also features Chinese opera artifacts including headdresses and costumes. Chinese puppetry equipment are also on display this includes the Xin Se Lai puppetry stage.

Celluloid DreamsEdit

This multimedia installation greets guests as they enter the Film and Wayang gallery.It features montages of several local and Malaysian produced films projected on three screens. The original footage is found on the production site. A majority of the films are black and white.


Playback MemoriesEdit

A documentary titled Playback Memories feature oral history interviews with several playback singers of famous films. The documentary is found on the production site.

Golden AgeEdit

This documentary features oral history interviews with directors of several locally produced films.A snippet of the documentary is also found on the production site.


The gallery features costumes and clothes wore in the 1930s to the 1980s. Out of the several artifacts include two saris donated by Noor Aishah, the widow of Yusof bin Ishak. A sarong donated by S.G. Sheares, widow of Benjamin Henry Sheares is also featured among the exhibits. Others include a cheongsam donated by Elizabeth Choy and a wedding dress by donated by a prominent Singaporean fashion designer.


The gallery features artifacts such as cooking utensils and glass soda bottles. It also has several documentaries about the origins of several local favorites including, Laksa, Nasi lemak and Tok Tok Mee (now more popularly known as Minced-Meat Noodle).The gallery also has several mooncake and ang ku keuh moulds, tea cups and actual preserved spices which can be smelled through specially made containers.


Photographs in this gallery include the wife of the Johor Sultanate, Ibrahim, Japanese prostitutes and a Chinese family. So far the gallery has only one star artifact, a Daguerreotype of Singapore Town, the first ever picture to be taken in Singapore.

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