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Tampines Regional Library (Chinese: 淡滨尼区域图书馆) is a library located in Tampines New Town, Singapore. It is the first regional library in Singapore and opened on 3 December 1994 by then Senior Minister of State for Education and Health Aline Wong.

The 6,208-square metre library was upgraded in 1998 to include better facilities. A Chinese library service was inaugurated in May 1998, after the signing of Understanding of Memorandum with the National Libraries of Beijing and Shanghai. The library also has conference and exhibition facilities. The library houses over 235,000 books with 63,000 books in Chinese, the largest collection of Chinese books in the library network.[1] There is a vast collection of materials on overseas Chinese and children's books. The library also has a children's playhouse on the ground floor, IT and business books and microfilm services.

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