Tampines Single Member Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 淡濱尼單選區; Simplified Chinese: 淡滨尼单选区) is a former single member constituency in Tampines, Singapore and is one of the oldest ward that existed from 1959 to 1988.

Development Tampines SMCEdit

Early days of Tampines SMCEdit

In the 1955 general elections, this ward started as part of Punggol-Tampines SMC which consisted of largely present-day Hougang, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Sengkang, Simei and Tampines. These were considered rural areas of Singapore and had very a very low population. (There were only 6,628 voters then, of which only 3,886 of them turned out to vote.)

Subsequently in 1959, this ward was split into Punggol SMC and Tampines SMC. The present-day Hougang, Punggol and Sengkang were hived off as Punggol SMC while Tampines SMC took on significant portions of Ulu Bedok SMC to become one of the larger wards in eastern Singapore. Thus, Tampines SMC was made up of present-day Bedok (except Kampong Chai Chee which is part of the Kampong Kembangan SMC), Pasir Ris, Simei, Tampines. It remained thus until 1968 when Bedok was largely transferred to Kampong Chai Chee SMC.

Subsequent days of Tampines SMCEdit

From 1968, no significant changes were made to the SMC until 1984 when Simei went off form the new Changkat SMC due to the growing population in the fast-development in Tampines New Town. From 1984 to 1988, this ward then only consisted of present-day Tampines and Pasir Ris.

End of Tampines SMCEdit

As Tampines New Town continued to grow, it was subsumed into the Tampines Group Representation Constituency in 1988 which was the first election in which the Group Representation Constituency system was used. Timothy Mok I had subsumed into the politics since 1984 to replace Phua Bah Lee.

The fast-growing Tampines had 60,084 voters; and it was necessary to split into three.

Tampines GRC was first made up of Tampines East and Tampines West sections from the SMC and absorbed Changkat which had left the old Tampines SMC to be an SMC on its own in 1984. Tampines North formed part of the new and neighbouring Eunos GRC.

  • Tampines East (Tampines GRC) - Blk 2xx Tampines
  • Tampines West (Tampines GRC) - Blk 140-151, 8xx and 9xx Tampines
  • Tampines North (Eunos GRC) - Blk 4xx Tampines and a baby Pasir Ris

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