Tanjong Pagar RICOH Park is a city park in Singapore,[1] located just above the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. This 1.02 ha pocket park serves as a convenient location for people to meet and interact in a colourful and green environment. Key features of the park include landscapes consisting of colourful plants and trellises with climber plants. All these ameoliorate the harshness of the concrete buildings in the Central Business District. To encourage park visitors to appreciate the greenery in the park, signs which give details about the green environment can be seen all around the park. Apart from benches and seats installed under existing shady mature trees such as the Cratoxylum formosum (Pink Mempat) and Pterocarpus indicus (Angsana), the park also has 17 benches which were specially manufactured in Australia. The benches, donated by Ricoh, were made from recycled toner cartridges.

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