Toa Payoh Bus Interchange is located in Toa Payoh, Singapore. It is the first air-conditioned bus interchange in the country and the first bus interchange along the North South Line to be air conditioned, which was completed in 2002 and officially opened by the then Minister for Transport, Yeo Cheow Tong, on 19 May 2002. It has a direct connection from the bus interchange to the Toa Payoh MRT Station on the North South Line.


Relocation of bus interchange in 1999Edit

When the old Toa Payoh Bus Interchange was demolished in 1999 to make way for the building of HDB Hub, the new and current headquarters of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore, the interchange operator, SBS Transit, moved its bus operations to a temporary location opposite its original site located at Toa Payoh Town Park, which was upgraded after the temporary interchange was demolished.

Bus interchange located in HDB HubEdit

SBS Transit ended bus operations to the temporary bus interchange on 19 May 2002 and moved its services back to the bus interchange original site, which has a direct underground connection to Toa Payoh MRT Station. It is notably the first bus interchange in Singapore to be fully air conditioned and it is housed within the building of HDB Hub.

Anti-terrorism exerciseEdit

This bus interchange participated in the Exercise Northstar V on 8 January 2006.

Bomb hoaxEdit

Similar to other bomb hoaxes at Hougang and Jurong East, 21-year-old Lin Zhenghuang was sentenced to 3 months in jail on 7 February 2007 and fined S$4000 for eight charges under the Computer Misuse Act. The charges were for 'mooching' or illegally tapping into his neighbour's unsecured wireless internet network and posting a bomb hoax on an online forum of popular technology site HardwareZone. Lin previously pleaded guilty to one charge under the Telecommunications Act for transmitting a false message and nine charges under the Computer Misuse Act. The accused posted a message on 22 July 2006, reporting that there had been a bomb attack at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.[1]

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