Tuas West Depot is a future train depot located off Tuas West Drive in Singapore. It will be constructed by Jurong Primewide Pte Ltd at a contract sum of S$237.1 million.[1] The depot will provide maintenance services for the East West Line of the Mass Rapid Transit network, and is directly linked to the upcoming Tuas Link MRT station. Construction of the Template:Convert depot together with the four stations of the Tuas West Extension started in late 2011 and is expected to be completed by 2016. The depot will have space for 60 trains.

When completed, the East West Line will be only MRT Line in Singapore with three depots along it, adding onto the existing Ulu Pandan Depot and Changi Depot.


Singapore's newest train depot at Tuas will have features not seen in the other depots here.

There is an underfloor tandem wheel lathe, used to re-profile train wheels. It can work with two wheel sets or four wheels at the same time. It halve the time taken to reprofile wheels to 30 minutes. The tandem wheel costs $3.4 million, more than the $1.6 million bill for normal wheel lathe. The Tuas depot also employs an electric train shunter which is like a golf buggy, but able to push 250 tonnes and is used to move trains of the position for maintenance or repairs. Trains are not powered in the depot and so cannot move on their own. It has a unique train wash as well. The fully automated system is the first one to harvest rain water as supplementary water source. It recycles water after train wash and use NEWater for the final rinse. It washes each six-car train in 2.25 minutes. The workshop has a 25m high ceiling, creating a bright and breezy working environment with minimal need for artificial ventilation. During a press preview of the facility on Wednesday, the LTA said the Tuas depot is the seventh and the third largest train depot here. The others are Bishan, Ulu Pandan, Changi, Kim Chuan, Sengkang and Gali Batu. However, it currently has the biggest stabling facility. The 26-hectare depot can accommodate 60 six-car trains. (Kim Chuan currently holds 70 three-car trains.) Piling for Tuas depot started in 2012. In total, 14,109 35m piles were used. About 5,710 tonnes of steel and 133,000 cubic metres of concrete - enough to fill 53 Olympic-size swimming pools - were used in the construction.


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