West Coast Plaza is a neighbourhood shopping centre located in West Coast of Singapore. Formerly as Ginza Plaza, it was built in 1993 and closed in 2007 for major upgrading. By November 2008, upgrading works has been completed and it was renamed as West Coast Plaza. It held its soft opening on 15 November 2008. On top of the Shopping Centre are Serviced Apartments. The building has a multi storey car park and is linked with a pedestrian bridge to the other side of the main road.


Ginza Plaza explosionEdit

On 7 Aug 1992, an explosion occurred in Ginza Plaza.[1] A gas pipe exploded and the fire at the basement level quickly spread out. The Singapore Civil Defence Force was quickly dispatched to extinguish the fire. In total, there were 61 casualties and 3 were found dead. As a result of this explosion, the completion date was delayed.


In March 2007, Far East Plaza Organisation closed down the then Ginza Plaza for major upgrading. At a cost of S$26 million, the upgrading works was completed in November 2008 and the mall was renamed as West Coast Plaza.[2]


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