Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange (Template:Zh) was completed and opened along with the Woodlands extension of the North South Line in 1996. It is the first underground and the third biggest bus interchange in Singapore. The old Woodlands Bus Interchange was converted into a terminus for people leaving Singapore, as well as for Woodlands intra-town services that are serving the old town centre there. Later, it was deemed obsolete and ceased operations.

Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange was the first underground interchange in Singapore to accommodate articulated buses and located below Woodlands MRT Station.

Inside the interchangeEdit

Woodlands Regional Interchange has a unique orientation as it is divided into two sides, depending on which direction it will depart. Bus Services between Berths 1 to 8 will depart towards Woodlands Avenue 7 whereas bus services between Berths 9 to 16 will depart towards Woodlands Avenue 3. But, although SBS Transit bus Service 161 and 168 departs towards Woodlands Avenue 7, they are located in Berths 15 and 16 due to space constraint.

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