Youth Olympic Park is Singapore's very first art park. It is located at Raffles Avenue, at the junction of Raffles Avenue and Bayfront Bridge.[1]


The Youth Olympic Park was built to cultivate a stronger sense of community ownership and connection with Marina Bay. The park is named after the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. In July 2010, Olympic-themed artwork was installed in the park to further enhance the environment.


The park provides shady and cool corners for rest, and offers a good vintage point for photography. A boardwalk connects the park to Marina Promenade, and The Helix Bridge connects the park to Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.


One of the attractions in the park is located at the grand steps leading to the entrance of the Helix bridge, where visitors can read a poem titled 'Lion Heart', written by Amanda Chong.

Another attraction that park-goers can visit is the landscaped maze which was developed from works by Aniket Chavan. In the centre of the maze, visitors will see a 4.5-metre high "mountain", inspired by a drawing by Joyce Seah. There is also a rock wall featuring 18 drawings by youths which depict some of Singapore's most famous icons such as the Merlion, The Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, and HDB flats.

The 'Emo-lightscape' was conceptualised by Mr Kenneth Tan. It is an interactive 'hop-scotch' tiles that will light up when stepped on.

Another interesting installation is by Lui Honfay entitled "The Ribbon Seats".

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