Template:About Template:Infobox Singapore neighbourhood Yunnan is a sub-zone of Jurong.[1]


  • The West portion of the sub-zone is referred to as Nanyang (part of Chua Chu Kang constituency).
  • The East portion of the sub-zone is referred to as Gek Poh (part of Hong Kah North constituency).

Both constituencies and the HDB estates in them are managed by Chua Chu Kang Town Council.

  • The South portion of the sub-zone is referred to as Pioneer (part of Pioneer constituency).

The estate (986A–990C) in this constituency is managed by West Coast Town Council.


There are a total of 219 housing blocks and 747 landed houses in this sub-zone. Of the 219 housing blocks, 203 are public apartments, 13 are blocks of private housing and 3 are hostel blocks.

Public apartmentsEdit

HDB estates at N7Edit

Street Estate name Blocks Quantity Note
71 701–710 10
71/Ave5/72 711–731 21
73 732–739 8 The blocks in this estate each have a colour theme of its own.
73 Gek Poh Ville 743–751 9 Named after "Gek Poh Road", a street that existed before N6 (670A–674B) was developed.
74 752–761 10
74/75 763–766 4 This is the town centre for "Gek Poh" (part of Hong Kah North constituency)

HDB estates at N8Edit

Street Estate name Blocks Quantity Note
81 810–832, 854–858 30
81 833–853 21
81 859–862, 863–866 8

HDB estates at N9Edit

Street Estate name Blocks Quantity Note
91 902–911 10 This is the Western-most HDB estate in Singapore.
91 Nanyang Emerald 912–926, 928–932 20
91 933–950, 952–953 20
91 959–966 8 This is the town centre for Nanyang Constituency.
93 974–980 7
93 986A–986C, 987A–987D, 988A–988C, 989A–989D, 990A–990C 17

Private housingEdit

Street Estate name Block Quantity Note
91/93 Yunnan Gardens 139 Landed
Jalan Bahar Westville 339 Landed
Avenue 5 Westwood Park 176 Landed
81/Avenue 5 The Floravale 218, 220/2/6/8, 230/2/4/6, 240/2/4/6 13 Apartment
Westwood Avenue The Woods 93 Landed (under construction)


Street Estate name Blocks Quantity Note
Ave 5/Jalan Bahar 15/17/19 3 Student hostel

Places of worshipEdit

  • Jin Fu Gong Temple is at Street 92.
  • City Harvest Church is at the junction of Street 91 and Pioneer Road North.
  • Victory Family Centre is at Street 74.


  • The Jurong Police Division Headquarters is located at the junction of Avenue 5 and Jalan Bahar. It also houses the Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre as well.
  • The Nanyang Extended Police Post is located within the Nanyang Community Centre, at the junction of Street 91 and Pioneer North.


There are 7 education institutions in this sub-zone, namely


  • The Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre is located at the south portion of the sub-zone, along Street 93 and Pioneer Road North.
  • There are 2 parks in this sub-zone; Yunnan Park at Street 93 and Jurong West Park at Street 81.
  • There are 6 community-use sites across the sub-zone, located along Street 91, Avenue 4 and Westwood Avenue.
  • There are 3 Wireless hotspots in this sub-zone, at Gek Poh Shopping Centre and the 2 community clubs here.

Community clubsEdit

There are 2 community clubs in this sub-zone.

  • Nanyang Community Club is at the junction of Street 91 and Pioneer Road North.
  • Gek Poh Vile Community Club is at the junction of Street 75 and 74.

Commercial areasEdit

  • There are 2 commercial areas in this sub-zone, at Street 91 and at Gek Poh Shopping Centre (along Street 75).
  • Both areas each feature a supermarket managed by Prime Group International.
  • There are clustered retail shops offering postal, banking, dining, baking, marketing, dental, medical, D.I.Y, education and fashion services, and franchised convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Guardian and Watson.
  • A restaurant serving high-quality dining can be found in 962A Multi-storey carpark at Street 91
  • Franchised outlets of well-known food chains, such as Subway, can be found at Gek Poh Shopping Centre.
  • Night markets and flee markets are often set up at these areas and occasionally along Street 72 and Avenue 5.



There are 4 main roads in this sub-zone, namely:

  • Jalan Bahar
    • connects to PIE exit 36
  • Jurong West Avenue 4/2
    • connects to PIE exit 34
  • Pioneer Road North
    • connects to PIE exit 38 and AYE exit 18
  • Upper Jurong Road/Boon Lay Way

These main roads branch out to several minor roads (Streets and Avenues) in the sub-zone.

Public transportEdit

Feeder bus servicesEdit

  • There are currently 3 feeder bus services in this sub-zone, namely
  1. 241
  2. 242
  3. 243
  • These services connect the sub-zone's neighborhoods to the rail network. It takes around 10 minutes to commute on these services to get to Boon Lay or Pioneer MRT station from the sub-zone's most distant neighborhoods.

Trunk bus servicesEdit

There are currently 4 trunk bus services in this sub-zone, namely

  1. 99
  2. 179
  3. 181
  4. 185

Special bus servicesEdit

  1. 536
  2. 502
  • Comfortdelgro Bus Service 651 provides direct connection for commuters to get to and from neighborhoods 7 and 8 and the city.

Night bus servicesEdit

  1. NR5

operated by SMRT

  1. 5N

operated by SBS Transit

Neighbouring areasEdit

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External linksEdit

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